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How to redeem your promo code
How to redeem your promo code

Got a promo code? Here's how to redeem it.

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There are multiple ways you can redeem your promo code. Here's everything you need to know.

For promo codes that unlock a discount or trial, enter your promo code on the Melodics website when subscribing.

Are you wanting to subscribe or start a new trial subscription? Log into your account on our website here:

Enter your code and choose which plan you want to subscribe to. After you've entered your code, it will display what discount or trial has been applied. If this doesn't happen, please check that your code is valid.

For promo codes that unlock free Melodics content, enter your promo code while creating your account or in the Melodics app.

Are you creating your account? You can enter your promo code in the account creation stage here: Just click the "Do you have a promo code?" button to enter it.

Already created your account? Log into the Melodics app and go to Settings > Promo Codes and enter your code here:

NOTE: your promo code unlocks access to free content, but your free account is still limited to 5 minutes of practice per day. If you need more practice time, please choose a plan to subscribe to.

NOTE for iPad users: if you are using Melodics on iPad, there is no option to redeem a promo code due to Apple's App Store terms and conditions. Please redeem your promo code on the desktop version of Melodics, and your free content will also be accessible on iPad.

Once you've redeemed your code, you will be able to find your free content in the Promo Codes screen or by filtering lessons in the Explore screen by "free".

Can't find your promo code?

Promo codes come with some instrument purchases. For example, purchased an Akai MPK Mini? Register your device with Akai and you will receive a promo code for Melodics. If you get stuck, reach out to the manufacturer of your instrument for assistance finding your code.

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