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How to create your Melodics account and download Melodics
How to create your Melodics account and download Melodics

Getting started with Melodics? Here's everything you need to know about how to create your account.

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Just got your shiny new instrument? Ready to start learning with Melodics?

First, create your Melodics account.

Head to our website and create your Melodics account:

Start your free 7 day trial.

Choose your plan and enter your payment method to begin your free 7 day trial. All trials gain access to Premium Melodics features for free for 7 days! Cancel any time.

If you decide to cancel your trial, you will be reverted to a limited free plan at the end of your trial period. (For more information on how to cancel, visit this page.)

Download Melodics instantly.

Once you've set up your Melodics account, you will be able to download Melodics onto your Mac or Windows computer. (Also available on iPad via the App Store.)

If you create your account while on your mobile, we'll send you an email with a handy link to download Melodics on your computer. Or just log into your account next time you're on your computer and hit download. Melodics is not available for mobile!

Once you've installed Melodics, launch it, and you will be greeted with this screen:

Select the instrument you want to learn:

Test that your instrument is connected and it works:

If you are having trouble at this stage, please check out our instrument connection guides. If you don't have an instrument, you can use your computer keyboard (or touchscreen on iPad) instead.

Play your first lesson:

That's it! You're now officially a musician. Keep up the practice!

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