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How to manage your Melodics plan and payments
How to manage your Melodics plan and payments

Want to cancel, upgrade, or check when your next payment is? Here's everything you need to know about managing your Melodics subscription.

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All Melodics subscriptions are auto-renewing unless cancelled prior to renewal. To find out information about your Melodics subscription or to make changes to your subscription,

  1. Log in if not logged in automatically.

🚫 How to cancel your subscription

After logging into your account on

  1. Click the "cancel subscription" button.

  2. Follow the steps to cancel your subscription.

You will still have access to your Melodics subscription for the remainder of the paid period or trial period. This will prevent your subscription from automatically renewing at the end of your term.

Refunds: You can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase. If you meet this requirement, you can contact us using the chat below to initiate a request.

If you need to request a refund from Apple, you have two options: follow these steps or reach out to Apple support directly.

NOTE: please keep an eye on your inbox (or spam folder) for subscription renewal reminder emails. Melodics will always remind you of an upcoming renewal payment before it happens, giving you time to cancel before renewal.

πŸ” How to resume your subscription after cancelling

If you have cancelled but would like to renew your subscription, click the "resume subscription" button. You will not be charged immediately, your subscription will renew at the next renewal date as normal.

πŸ” How to find your renewal/cancellation date

You will find information about your current subscription up the top, including current plan, billing cycle, last payment date, amount paid, next payment date, and amount due.

All renewal dates are UTC time, so the actual time and date may vary depending on your timezone. For example, it may appear like you were charged a day early if it says you will renew on 4-May but the payment went through on 3-May local time. This is because your timezone is ahead of UTC!

πŸ”Ό How to upgrade your subscription

If you are on a Standard plan and want to upgrade to Premium, or if you are on a monthly plan and want to upgrade to annual, choose your desired plan and click the "change" button.

Upgrading from Standard to Premium will happen immediately, and you will only be charged the difference of the upgrade.

All other upgrades (e.g, monthly to annual) will happen on your next renewal date.

πŸ”½ How to downgrade your subscription

If you are on a Premium plan and want to downgrade to Standard, or if you are on an annual plan and want to downgrade to monthly, choose your desired plan and click the "change" button.

All downgrades will happen on your next renewal date.

πŸ’³ How to update your payment method

For existing subscribers only:

  1. Click the "payment" button in the menu on the left.

  2. Click "update" to add a new payment method.

🧾 Need receipts for your payments?

If you require invoices for your Melodics subscription payment(s), simply check your email inbox for subscription confirmation and renewal emails. These messages from Melodics will contain the relevant details regarding your subscription and will include the attached invoices for your records.

🎁 Looking to apply a discount code to your subscription?

For new subscribers: enter your discount code when subscribing. After applying your code, the discount or trial period will be shown before confirming your payment. If a discount or trial is not applied, check that you entered your code correctly and that it is a valid code.

For existing subscribers: it's not possible to apply a discount to an existing subscription. Instead, you can cancel your subscription, wait until it cancels at the end of your term, then resubscribe with your discount.

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