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How to delete your Melodics account
How to delete your Melodics account
Not interested in continuing with Melodics? If you wish to delete your account, here's how.
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Not interested in practicing with Melodics?

All your progress and account information is saved securely for if you wish to continue your practice with Melodics any time in the future. But if you wish to delete your Melodics account, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Click the button below to begin the process of deleting your account, or go to this URL:

2. Log in if not logged in automatically.

3. Follow the steps to confirm you would like to delete your account.


Deleting your Melodics account means that you will:

ร— forfeit the remaining time on your Melodics subscription. (No refund is provided.)

ร— no longer be able to access content in the Melodics App.

ร— lose your progress permanently, including level, trophies, scores, etc.

This action is not reversible, so proceed with caution!

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