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Your Progress Overview
Your Progress Overview

The Progress Overview tab summarizes all your progress in one place. Check in regularly to look back at everything you've achieved.

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Tracking your progress is an awesome way to feel great about your hard work.

Sitting in its own separate tab in the Progress section (next to Records, and Trophies) in the Overview, you'll have a single resource to help decide what you can do, and how that helps you start or continue making more progress.

Progress Overview

Here you'll see all the familiar indicators of your progress summarized at a high level; including your Level, Stars and Records collected, as well as how much time and effort you've put in through Streaks, Trophies and Daily Goals achieved.

Where the Trophies and Records tabs in your Progress section show you what you've done retrospectively — the Overview specifically aims to show you what you can do next to take that progress even further.

Read more about how to track your progress in Melodics.

Can I reset my progress?

Some users may be interested in resetting their progress in Melodics and start from scratch. There's no option to do this in the app, but get in touch with us using the chat below and our team can help you out.

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