What are Records?

As you practice, you’ll start getting Records. These are collectibles that summarise the skills you've learned in a handy video format.

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Collecting Records

Watch this quick vid for an intro to Records.

Melodics lets you learn by doing. Each and every lesson in Melodics subtly introduces you to lots of various musical ideas – but not all of these are obvious, unless they’re pointed out and explained. You want to know that you aren’t missing the really important concepts, and ensure that you’re learning real-world knowledge, and not just building up physical skills and abilities.

Records summarise individual musical ideas in real-world terminology and detail. You can find your Record collection in the Progress section of Melodics. This provides a place to watch real-world video examples of each concept, and track your musical knowledge as it grows.

In the Records tab, you will find your individual albums, each containing a collection of Records all relating to one specific theme or concept. In the Record collection view, clicking on any album cover will open up that particular collection’s Record contents, where you can learn more about each concept.

You can browse and watch any Records at any time. As you continue to collect all of the Records within each album, you’ll notice the Record silhouettes will turn solid - indicating which Records you've collected so far.

How do I find Records?

1. Look for the Record icon

A lesson with a record will display a record icon on the lesson tile. This means you can earn a record in this lesson. All records can be found throughout the Guided Path.

2. Practice to learn

Get at least 2 stars on a lesson to earn its record, and add it to your collection.

3. Track your progress

Every record collection is a milestone, measure your growth as you improve musically.

Visit the progress section to view your collection.

4. Review your repertoire

Track & measure your musical progress. Collect Records!

Click on a collection to view videos covering the skills & techniques you’ve learned.

How to use Records: find knowledge, review progress.

Records serve two purposes: supplement your learning with extra video guidance, and review your progress with Record collections.


Here’s an example: find a lesson in the Guided Path that contains a Record. Prime yourself: the Listen & Position screen contains lots of useful info—click the record to view a real-world video example of what you’re about to learn. Keep this in mind as you proceed into the lesson and practice it till perfection. If you receive 2 or more stars, you’ll earn the lesson’s Record, providing you with a record of the concept that you’ve just learned.

This provides a much more holistic view of learning experience: a bit of pre-planning (digesting the pre-play screen and viewing the Record video), a bit of context (performing the lesson itself), and a good summary (reviewing the Record). Rinse and repeat!

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