What are Records?

As you practice, you’ll start getting Records. These are collectibles that summarise the skills you've learned.

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Collecting Records

Watch this quick vid for an intro to Records.

Melodics lets you learn by doing. Each and every lesson in Melodics subtly introduces you to lots of various musical ideas – but not all of these are obvious, unless they’re pointed out to you.

The Records feature in Melodics encapsulates individual musical concepts using real-world terminology, enriching your understanding of music. Located in the Progress section, your Record collection is a testament to your growing musical knowledge.

In the Records tab, your discoveries are organized into albums, each representing a different theme or concept. By exploring an album, you delve into the detailed insights of each concept it covers. As you expand your collection, the once-outline-only Records fill in, visually marking your learning achievements.

How do I find Records?

1. Look for the Record icon

A lesson with a record will display a record icon on the lesson tile. This means you can earn a record in this lesson. All records can be found throughout the Guided Path.

2. Practice to learn

Get at least 2 stars on a lesson to earn its record, and add it to your collection.

3. Track your progress

Every record collection is a milestone, measure your growth as you improve musically.

Visit the progress section to view your collection.

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