What are Streaks?

Practice for at least 5 minutes on consecutive days, and you’ll start Streaking. Streaking is the quickest way to improve your skills.

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Research and experience tells us that consistent practice – even of short, 5 minute sessions every day – beats longer, multi-hour marathons that might be days or weeks apart.


To help with building up your practice consistency, Melodics sets you a Daily Goal for just a minimum of 5 minute sessions per day. You can of course play longer than that in any session (as long as you want to, go for it!), but the main thing is that you don’t overdo it, burn out, or hit a wall.

The key path to making sustained progress on your learning journey is to play regularly, but on a schedule that works for you – because we know, the excitement of life can (and should) get in the way too!

Building a Streak

If you do your 5 minute Daily Goals on consecutive days, you’ll start Streaking. A daily Streak is the fastest way to earn Trophies and supercharge your progress; making it one of your most powerful motivators.

If you miss a consecutive daily session, your Streak resets back to zero. You can see your current live Streak, as well as your best-ever longest Streak in Melodics’ Progress screen.

How long can you keep it up for? How long do they keep going? It’ll take you years to find out!

Track your practice

What works for me? How to use Streaks and Trophies

Stringing Streaks together is a great way to stay motivated, but know that it’s not the only solution. Don't worry if you break a streak! All your practice is accumulated and you get rewarded with Trophies—even if you missed a day.

Daily Streaks can and do come to a natural end. If you’re on a Streak but miss a consecutive practice day, then your Streak will reset back to the beginning. Your play time Trophy count on the other hand, never resets, as it continually accumulates anytime you’re ready, any time you meet a 5 minute Daily Goal.

Use this to your advantage! Both Trophies and Streaks help to track your routine out, build momentum when you can, and pump the breaks when you can’t! But it’s when you use each that matters.

Small steps. Giant leaps.

Try this for an exercise: String a 3 day Streak together, then deliberately take a couple of days off and feel good about your achievement. Next time, maybe try for a 5 day Streak, and see how that feels. If you’re really vibing with Streaking, then lean in and see how far you can get.

But if you do lose your Streak, it doesn’t mean your learning journey is over, or that you’ve failed. Not at all! You’ve made progress, and that’s not going anywhere. The total effort you play over time is what’s important – not whether or not you’ve done all that time within consecutive days.

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