Troubleshooting iRig Pads

Trouble setting up your iRig Pads with Melodics? Check out these tips.

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iRig Pads should work fine with Melodics in it's default setting – however it's easy to customise MIDI messages or switch to a new scene, which could cause issues.

If the pads aren't triggering samples or lighting up, try this:

  1. Press SCENE

  2. Then press the bottom left pad

Boom, should be going now.

Still no?

The next thing to try is a factory reset:

  1. Make sure the iRig Pads is disconnected

  2. While holding SCENE and FIX VEL, connect to your computer

  3. Release SCENE and FIX VEL

  4. Press SCENE or FIX VEL

And you should be ready to go!

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