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Get started with Melodics
Get started with Melodics

Tips & tricks to get you up & running with Melodics, quick quick!

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Melodics is a desktop app that helps you learn to play your instrument with confidence. Melodics makes practice FUN, relevant and effective. You have all the tools to learn drums, keys, or pads with a single app!

1. Different colour notes – what do they mean?

In a performance, when you play a note you'll see it represented onscreen in a number of different ways – this is what they mean!

The Melodics Keys play screen

2. Preview is your friend, use it!

In the Listen & Position screen, before you perform the step, there’s a button to ‘Preview’ the step before you play it. Hit this, and the step will play through while the pads, keys, or drums you’ll be playing light up in time onscreen (and on your device, if it supports pad lighting).

Use preview to get a feel for what you’re gonna be playing, where your fingers need to go, and how to move around your instrument.

3. Instrument restart

When you’re in the flow of a lesson and you need to restart the performance, you don’t have to take your hands off your device to reach for the space bar…

For all of the shortcuts below, If you’re on pre-play, these will start the performance, if you’re already performing, they will restart it. Easy pease.

For Keys

Hit the first two and the last two keys on your keyboard at the same time.

For Pads

Hit all four corner pads on your controller at the same time.

For Drums

Hit the high & mid toms and the kick & hi-hat pedals on your kit at the same time.

4. Practice mode is the best

Sometimes you just want to work on a specific bit of an arrangement, or you’d like to slow it down to get to grips with it – we got you!

You will find “Practice mode” above the arrangement next to “Performance mode” (which you’re in by default).

In Practice mode, you can set loop points, and the arrangement will play over that section until you go back to Performance mode. You can also pull down the BPM to make it more managable.

Auto BPM: build it up slowly.

Once you’ve pulled the BPM down, hit the “Auto BPM” button. When this is active, it will automatically ramp up the speed by 5 BPM if you do well on the loop, until it reaches the tracks natural speed.

Wait mode:

Hit the “Wait Mode” button, and as each note reaches the play head, the performance will pause until you hit the correct note.

5. Volume settings

Too loud? Need to adjust the metronome volume (or turn it off)? At the top left of the play screen (for Pads & Drums) or top right (for Keys), you’ll find the volume options – adjust those to change the levels coming out of the app.

Volume settings

You can also change the style of the metronome! Just click it (the box with two dots at the very top left of the screen) and you’ll get a drop-down where you can pick from a list of your favorite sounds.

6. Arrangement look ahead

As you get to more complex lessons, it can be useful to look over the arrangement before you play it to see what’s coming up.

When you arrive on the play screen, grab the handle of the step time bar & drag to scroll (you can also use your scroll wheel). When you’re ready to play, just hit the play button (or the spacebar) and the arrangement will scroll back to the beginning & start the performance.

Need more help?

Does Melodics support different languages? – No, just English for now.

How do I change my avatar? – That functionality doesn't exist yet, but it's coming soon!

Can I create my own lessons or request a new song to be added to Melodics? – Sorry, you can't create your own lessons but we would love to hear your requests! Get in touch with us via the chat below.

Where do I go to find more help?Answers to frequently asked questions are in our knowledge center. Or try talking with our chat below and if we can't find an answer, we'll forward you to one of our team members.

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