Audio latency setup (macOS)

Reduce the audible delay when playing Melodics on macOS

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Typical macOS based machines are well optimised for low latency audio. If you are experiencing latency on your Mac, try the following.

If you are using your Mac’s built-in speakers or built-in headphone output.

You may actually be experiencing latency from your MIDI instrument. Check your MIDI instrument connection. Refrain from connecting via a USB hub and connect directly to your Mac. Try using a different USB port on your Mac. Try using a different USB cable. Short, high quality USB cables perform better than long, low quality cables.

If you are using an external audio interface.

Some external audio interfaces will have adjustable buffer settings. Go to your audio device settings and reduce the buffer size. Check with your manufacturer or user manual for more information. The buffer determines the amount of time it takes for your computer to process audio. The lower the buffer, the lower the latency, however if you go too low you might experience audible distortion.

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