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My keyboard doesn’t have enough keys
My keyboard doesn’t have enough keys

When a lesson is asking you to play a key outside of the range of your keyboard, try this solution.

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Melodics will tell you which lessons you can and cannot play based on how many keys you have. Most MIDI keyboards will have an octave shifting function. If you can’t reach a note because it goes beyond the range of your keys, try hitting the octave up / down buttons on your MIDI keyboard.

To change octaves on a MIDI keyboard, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the octave shifting function on your MIDI keyboard. This is usually labeled as "Octave Up" and "Octave Down" buttons.

  2. If you need to reach a higher octave, press the "Octave Up" button.

  3. If you need to reach a lower octave, press the "Octave Down" button.

By pressing these buttons, you can shift the range of your keyboard to access notes that are outside its default range.

If you cannot find octave shifting buttons on your keyboard, please refer to your user manual.

How to change octaves when using your computer keyboard

If you are using your computer keyboard to play Melodics, use the 'Z' and 'X' keys to shift up and down octaves.

  • Z = shift down one octave

  • X = shift up one octave

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